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Walnut MTI

We are specialized in tree cutting and processing of walnut, beech and oak woods. We make a high-quality solid timber engineered wood boards from harvested trees. Premium class solid timber that we produce is more durable and requires less maintenance since the wood surface is hard enough.

With many business partners in the lumber wholesalers industry, our company is mainly active in Balkan region, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Walnut MTI carries considerable responsibility for the environment, and application of wood-processing industry standards. Our production process is safe, efficient and environmentally acceptable.

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With many years of experience, Walnut MTI has served a wide variety of industries, from furniture design to arms production companies that depend on high quality wooden products for its gunstocks.


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Walnut MTI - tree cutting and processing

How large the tree...

Trees are beautiful things. But if you've got one in your back yard that's getting too big your only option may be to have it removed. If you want to sell it quickly and get the best price, you're in the right place! It doesn’t matter how large the tree, we will make sure it comes down safely and the stump and all debris will be removed so that it looks like the tree was never there. If you are planning on having a tree removed, prepare your property in advance that your tree can be removed quickly and safely with the minimum of fuss.

Walnut MTI - tree cutting and processing

Experience matters

We are experts in tree removals, and wood cutting and processing with more than five years of experience. We encourage residents to replace trees which are removed. Before removing a tree, always consider the benefits of conserving the tree and if some pruning and care would be a better approach!

Walnut MTI

Wood-processing is our core business, and our employees are a key factor in our success. We promote awareness of quality, and our services and products must always measure up to the standards associated with Walnut MTI name.

We are a trustworthy partner

Walnut MTI is founded on integrity, mutual respect, fairness and trust.

We are innovative

To ensure that our products are manufactured to highest quality standards possible, we invest unceasingly in the modernisation of our production facilities.

Walnut MTI - tree cutting and processing

Engineered wood manufacturing

Tree removal services, transportation, and precision tree cutting with high quality equipment is what we do. Our wooden boards are manufactured with the best quality wood and advanced machinery to keep up to the international quality standards. Wood manufacturing transformation process starts with the primary saw cuts, edging and trimming. The trimmer squares off the ends of lumber into uniform pieces based on market dimensions. The drying process is very important to to facilitate natural evaporation.

Walnut MTI - tree cutting and processing

Quality assurance

We use systematic processes like quality assurance to determine if a our services and products meet quality standards. Our company delivers the intended products and services on-time and within-budget for the complete satisfaction of our customers. By going above and beyond in all transactions and interactions with the consumer. We are doing business with some of the well-known companies in furniture design and arms sector. Also, we make sure that the wooden boards are checked on different quality parameters under the supervision of our quality controllers.

Walnut MTI - tree cutting and processing

Continual improvement

At Walnut MTI, we maintain the highest safety standards through a combination of host facilities, and third party support. Above and beyond this framework, we encourage all personnel to uphold the highest ecological standards and natural environment protection demands. We also strive to improve our professional knowledge and competence through continuing education and learning. Every year we participate at major consumer shows and trade fairs throughout Europe in the wood industry, and the production of wood products.